Garbage Bin Rentals Regina

Commercial, Industrial & Residential Garbage & Storage Rentals

Garbage Bin Rentals Regina

Regina Waste and Storage Rentals

Looking to rent a mobile storage container or a garbage bin/dumpster?

Look no further. D & P Disposal is a local Regina business that specializes in garbage bin and mobile storage containers. We come to you.

Commercial, Industrial & Residential Rentals

Garbage Bins in Various Sizes to Meet Your Project’s Needs

With most any home clean-up or renovation project, a bin rental is essential. Garbage and storage pups help ensure safety and cleanliness.  Keep your job site, yard, and commercial property clean by using our disposal bins.

We pride ourselves on our friendly and efficient services.

Recycling and environmental sustainability have always been top priorities for us. We intend to maintain this trend well into the future. By offering the greatest size range of disposal bins in Regina.

We are able to provide you with the ideal eco-friendly services for your respective needs.

Acceptable Materials and Applicable Fees

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